Fitness Journey – Beginnings, Fears, and Success

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Don’t look at healthy lifestyle as a chore, make it a part of your life. Introduce small routines of what you already know to your everyday practices. Start small. Even a couple of minutes of stretching a day can make a big difference in how you’ll feel in your body and then also how your body will start to take shape. Even go for slow walks on a treadmill while watching your favorite show. Find things that you enjoy doing and combine them with those that would make your lifestyle healthier.

Think of things that motivate you.

What are the habits that don’t serve your healthy lifestyle and how can you reverse those? Nutrition and food take a major role in any healthy lifestyle. When it comes to it, it is important that you don’t restrict yourself from anything, but rather balance what you love with the foods that serve your goals and enhance your performance. Also, don’t overcomplicate things. My motto for success has always been “Keep things simple.” And it has proven to be right. Every. Single. Time.

Normally, the end of the year with all the holidays notes a setback in everyone’s nutrition. While I feel that my major setback is actually summer. With all the mouthwatering fruits, endless hours of me relaxing in the shade by the beach with a salty and pine-y perfume in the air and fig trees literally on every other footstep that enhances the appetite. It is the toughest time for me not to gain some weight. But placing yourself back to work and keeping steady routines through it all helps carry the healthy lifestyle even though the downtime when you don’t seem to move a muscle at other activities but swimming. Though swimming is one of the greatest forms of exercise just because your body is capable of moving freely in all directions with no impact. Just as a side note.

One other thing that will help you achieve your goals is to make them as specific as you possibly can. Don’t say just “Get fit.” Rather, make a plan out of it, and a list of actions you’re going you’re going to take to get there. Set specific times during each week to dedicate to working out and caressing your body.

And I’m back to nutrition.

Dedicate a certain span of your weekend (or another day) to preparing your food. There are plenty of things that can be done in advance or fresh produce that can be precut. You can make healthy dips like hummus or tzatziki to pair with your choice of protein. Cooking is easy and it can be a lot of fun when you have a good plan in action.

Plus, here’s my number one tip when grocery shopping. Keep yourself in the aisles on the sides. It’s where the fresh produce and unrefined goods are kept. Those will leave your belly feeling best, the lightest, they will give your body plenty of nutrients to work with and will ensure all minerals it needs for a healthy functioning. So, when you do put on your fanciest athleisure and head to the gym next time, you’ll be crushing your workout, too.

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