Harmonize Your Yoga Practice with Pristine Musical Ambiance: Five Playlists to Try

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Yoga has the power to touch our lives in such a profound way. Unsurprisingly, music is the same. When combined, a yoga practice supported by a moving background playlist can bring your experience to another level. The right music and sounds can make that challenging pose just a little easier, motivate us to execute a flow sequence with stamina and grace, and ease us into deeper relaxation and meditation.

However, finding the right music may be trickier than you think. A band you may love to see in concert might not necessarily be right for your yoga practice. Appropriate music should embrace and heighten your connection to mind, body, and spirit; it should not distract you from a pose or a flow sequence or get you caught up in lyrics. If you’re struggling to find the right music for your practice, here are five playlists that might supply what you need:

Tibetan Monks

Featuring subtle rhythmic chanting, humming sounds, awakening chimes, singing bowls, and deep bellows, the music created by Tibetan monks has been used for many years to assist in the relaxation of body and mind. Traditionally used by Tibetan Buddhists to prepare themselves for meditation, this style of music has been adopted by yogis everywhere as a soothing background for yoga practice.

~Try searching: Tibetan monk, Tibetan meditation, and singing bowls~

Sounds of the Natural World

Another option used to cue relaxation during yoga offers sounds of the natural world. Often paired with light piano music, these soundtracks commonly incorporate ocean waves, dolphins, seagulls, crickets, rainstorms, and rustling leaves. Give it a try and embrace the interconnectedness of all creatures.

~Try searching: rainforest sounds, wildlife music, and ocean sounds~

Mystical Noise and Outer Space

Some yogis who are easily distracted by traditional music or wildlife sounds opt for more mystical playlists. Featuring an eclectic blend of keyboards and inexplicable melodic noise, mystical soundtracks are reminiscent of deep space and often have a recurring note or subtle melody. Try it out during your next session and see if it helps you channel your inner universe explorer.

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Casual House Music and Lounge

While some yogis may be initially puzzled by this suggestion, this is actually a common choice for power flow yoga classes and any class that features quick and continuous flow sequences. This is because the consistent beat of these tracks is often emphasized, making it easier to match moving transitions to the beat and retain a rhythm for sequences. Try to avoid playlists that feature a lot of remixes with heavy lyrics, as words can sometimes distract.

~Try searching: casual house, lounge music, majestic house, and deep house~


Surprise! Try a silent yoga practice to help concentrate on your breathing and the internal rhythm of your own heartbeat. Throwing in a silent practice every once in a while, is also beneficial for heightening your awareness and appreciation of other music-based practices.

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